La recette pour faire danser, ne cherchez plus, c'est Tigercity qui l'a. Je les ai découverts sur Myspace il y a quelques mois. Le groupe le plus funky depuis Chic vient de Brooklyn -décidemment "the place to be" en ce moment - et transforme les dames en disco queens avec sa pop-funk-électro. Sexy et provocateurs, leurs textes parlent souvent de ruptures difficiles ou plutôt de quitter les filles sans états d'âme. Prenez-en donc de la graine, ladies!

What was the watchword when you started Tigercity?
Probably something like island, taco, or diamond boat. Now it's more like "Hey, you're hot. Will you buy me a sandwich?"

What are your influences?
They change a lot, but basically, The Beach Boys, David Bowie, Tangerine Dream, and salvia.

Why music?
Because if we hadn't started playing music, we probably would've worked at Taco Bell and killed ourselves when we were 16.

Tell me about your creation process, who composes? Do you start with a global idea of the song?
We all work together on writing our songs. Or someone comes in with a rough idea, and we all build on it. We practice and write songs inside a giant tree that smells like new tennis balls.

If you were a music critic, how would you describe your music?
Not good.

What makes you better than the other bands?
Our hair and beards are better than other hair/beard combos.

Which song would you have dreamt to write?
I wish that I'd written "Running Up That Hill" by Kate Bush.

What do your mums think of what you do?
Our moms love what we do. Most moms do actually. Especially divorced moms. Or moms dreaming about being divorced. We are "Divorced Mom Rock".

What are your guilty pleasures?
I'm not sure that we really feel guilty about anything we like. That sounds kind of douchey, but I really can't think of anything. Maybe "Saved By The Bell"? But I'm pretty sure that's actually Andrew's favorite show, and he doesn't care.

Favourite drugs?
Salvia. And mushroom chocolates.

Which others bands do you feel close to, musically speaking?
I always feel presumptuous answering questions like this. I know the bands we're friends with and who we love, like Mobius Band, Bearhands, VHS or Beta, Amazing Baby, Via Audio, Bodega Girls and a bunch of others.

Three words you like?
Well, the three words we say the most are douche, sick, and pro. We are all very eloquent.

Three words you hate?
Not sure if this resonates the same way in french, but I hate the word twat. So yeah, the word twat three times. I hate it.

What's your favourite place to chill?
In our apartment watching The Predator. Or in Vermont at our friend's dad's house, next to a giant fire, eating meat.

Which question would you like to be asked? And what would you answer?
Will you move to France and marry me? Yes (ndlr: Quel galant homme!)

Do you plan gigs in France?
Yeah, hopefully soon. We're working on coming over to Europe this spring or summer.

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  1. Mushroom chocolates? Sounds delicious in a weird way. =]

    I love your dress below! xx